• Barite stones – beautiful amulets and talismans, patronizing creative natures. However, it is not recommended to constantly wear jewelry on the body: according to experts, the mineral has the greatest effect, being in the right pocket of trousers.

• Few people know, but barite is used in cosmetology. Masks and scrubs from crushed mineral smooth wrinkles, have rejuvenating effect, relieve many skin diseases.

• The barium content in the body of the average person is about 20 mg, the toxic dose is 0.2 g, and the lethal dose is from 1 to 3 g.

• If you take a glass stick and put it into a solution of barium salts, after you bring it to the burner fire, you will be able to notice the green flame. The green shade of the flame is the main distinctive feature of the trace element, even if its dose is very small. If on holidays you look at bright flashes of exploding salute or on sparks of Bengali lights, you will see green color. Be sure it’s barium.

• All water-soluble barium compounds are toxic and cause serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract, muscle and heart paralysis. However, water-insoluble barium sulfate has found use in medicine. “Barite porridge” (barium sulfate suspension) is given to patients for radiographic examination of digestive organs.

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