Barite or barium sulfate is a compound in which almost two-thirds are dense barium oxide BaO. The ancient Greeks explored this stone and called it barite, which means “heavy”.

In its pure form, it is a transparent crystal, however, it tends to change, depending on the substances interacting with it. Geologists found yellow, bluish-grey, red or even fluorescent (those that glow when interacting with electromagnetic radiation) barite druses.

Barite is a sought-after mineral mineral despite its prevalence. It is used in the manufacture of paper, glass, paints, leather tanning, the creation of fireworks and many other industrial sectors and medicine.

Jewelry processing of the barite is considered extremely difficult, as it is prone to cracking. However, true jewelers manage to create masterpieces, when working with large (over a hundred carats) barium sulfates.

First of all, barite is used as a weighting agent for drilling and clay fluids, as well as protection against radiation in X-ray technique.

A completely environmentally friendly material with no shelf life is obtained by gravity from ore.

Our company specializes in the supply of chemical reagents for drilling, grouting and special solutions. We provide container and wagon shipment of barite, as well as pick up.

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