Usage of product


Usage of our product:

Oil and gas industry and found — a weighting agent of drilling fluids in deep and ultradeep drilling

Cement industry — in manufacturing sulphate high resistant, thermostable, weighted, backfilled classes of cement.

Chemical industry — in getting all kinds of barium compounds, salts and barium preparation

Glass industry — in manufacturing of special glass. Barium glasses are very pure, clean, and shiny and have good optical properties.

Metallurgy — an intensifier of a ferroalloy getting process, additive for getting barium content alloys, as a flux during cupper melting, in manufacturing of pure alumina in aluminum industry

Road Construction — a filler. Ground barite is used in addition with latex (6%) and hot asphalt (47%) as an upper cover in construction of runaway and general roads. It provides durable and flexible layer.

Paintwork industry — manufacturing of a white pigment (lipoton), manufacturing of high grade zinc ceruse and other paints, tile, manufacturing of high grade enamel used in reactors for corrosion protection.

Mechanical rubber industry — – as an inert or weak active filler.

Asbestos industry — manufacturing of friction materials.

Atomic industry – radiation protection shields, concrete material including 80% of barite and 10% iron oxides is good protection from gamma radiation. As component part of plaster for x-ray laboratory walls acts as x-rays harmful effect protection.

Pursuant to the State program of import substitution with domestic products, our company now can fully meet the needs of the oil industry of barite concentrate all oil producing companies in Kazakhstan, including the enterprises entering into holding "Samruk-Kazyna".